Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 345 - The Longest Day Part 1: Busan to Seoul to Osaka

When I woke up this morning, I knew it would be a long day. I had to go to Busan station, take the KTX train to Seoul, the plane from there to Osaka and from there to Honolulu just before midnight.

The KTX was nice although I only had a standing seat for half the journey so it was not hugely comfortable. I enjoyed having a brief time in Seoul though as it is different from Busan.

The flight to Osaka was very nice and comfortable with enough legroom and decent entertainment system on JAL.

Once I got to Osaka, I had to decide if I stay at the airport or head into the city for a few hours. I made it dependent on me being able to buy a train ticket with my credit card, not such an easy task in Japan.

I did manage to get a day travel pass with JR so this was good as I liked being back in Osaka and go back to Namba and take photos.

It is always interesting to go between Korea and Japan because both countries are quite similar in a lot of ways but very different at the same time and there is not really any country like Japan in the world.

The few hours in Osaka were great and I really enjoyed it, almost wanted to stay a bit longer but it was time to leave and continue my journey on another continent.

I didn't plan to fly to Hawaii during my rip but it was the cheapest flight and seemed like an interesting stopover for a few days.

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