Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 368 - Just NY People

One of my favorite places in Manhattan is the High Line, a great park and great use of the old elevated rail tracks, more cities should do this and use the old industrial remnants like this.

Before going to the High Line, I did some walking around and went for a short browse to B&H where I managed to try out the very impressive Sony a7s.

When I set out to go to the High Line, I knew I wanted to post a series of photos from the High Line today.

Well, after taking hundreds of photos, the selection came out slightly different and I ended up with more people photos again.

After walking along the High Line, I started to head back towards Central Park and take more photos along the way.

I managed to also walk past the Flatiron Building, which is a pretty cool building and one of the things I really wanted to see the first time I came to New York.

Despite me thinking about avoiding it, I walked through Times Square again but didn't spend longer than needed this time round.

BY the time I made it to Central Park it started to get dark so not ideal for photography so I set out to walk back to Penn Station and take the subway from there.

It was another fun day in New York where I walked a lot and took way too many photos.

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