Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Day 347 - Pearl Harbor

My 'last' day in Honolulu was spent taking some more photos on the beach but I'll save you from that in this post. Instead it's about my rip to the Pearl Harbor museum.

Taking the bus to the museum is not too bad and relatively quick, the best thing is that the museum is free unless you want to go on some of the boats or the submarine there.

Since I was cheap, I did only the free stuff and skipped the pay for things. It was still nice and interesting.

There was also a lot less patriotism and flag waving as I initially feared so it was quite refreshing.

At the airport, I managed to check in, board the plane and sit down for my flight to Oakland via LA when Delta asked if someone is willing to stay behind because they managed to overbook the flight.

Since I had nothing better to do and an extra day in Honolulu, a free night in a hotel, taxi to and from the airport plus a $600 voucher for more Delta flights (hopefully more overbooked ones!) sounded all very good so I was the first to volunteer and step off the plane.

This means I will have an extra day in Honolulu instead of arriving in Oakland tomorrow morning. Depending on how the hurricane heading towards Hawaii behaves, I might have even more time in Hawaii.

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