Friday, 22 August 2014

Day 363 - A Day in DC

After taking the train in the morning, I arrived in Washington DC where I could spend the day. I booked the overnight train to Boston since it allowed me to save on a night in a hotel and would also get me there earlier.

After finding out that they removed all lockers in the station and now want to charge you $20 per item to leave your luggage, I just decided to carry my bag around. This meant I didn't walk quite as far as I might have done otherwise.

First and last time I was in Washington DC it was under a blanket of snow and I had to climb over the piled up snow in order to cross the streets. This time it was raining and grey in the morning so I was kind of wishing for the snow back. It did stop and clear up by the afternoon though and made walking around nicer.

There were a lot more people out this time round and it was nice to walk around and take photos of people and the sights without being in a rush to see things.

At first I thought to go and see the museums but after a short walk around decided that it's better to go out and take photos.

The downtown area of Washington DC is quite small so you can easily walk around and see everything in a day. This makes it great for a stopover on the way to a different place by train or plane.

The train to Boston was slightly delayed (almost as expected) but since I wasn't in a rush and it would be an overnight train it didn't really matter much. It showed me however that maybe I have been to harsh about the crappy UK trains and them being late all the time.

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