Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 360 - New Orleans to Philadelphia

It was another early start to catch the 7:00 train to Philadelphia, it was also another long journey since the train will only arrive in Philadelphia tomorrow around noon.

I settled into my seat and looked out the window to enjoy the sunrise and early morning light over the water and towns we passed.

Not long after you leave New Orleans you will be surrounded by water on either side of the train when it crosses a narrow bridge. This provides some nice views though.

On such a long journey it's important to get out of the train and stretch your legs whenever possible and to get a change from sitting in the same place all day.

On this journey there are also some volunteers on board to provide you with information about the different place you are going to pass along the route, this is a nice thing and reason to get to the cafe car.

Towards the evening we passed a big Honda factory, followed by a military factory where they produce tanks or similar.

While it's always a long day just being in a train, it's usually very nice and relaxing. The train had again some delays so it should get to Philadelphia around 1-2h later than expected.

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