Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day 365 - More from Boston

Another nice and sunny day in Boston although it being Sunday there seemed to be less people around, especially around the downtown area.

I decided to go around Chinatown as it seemed to be a good place to see people outside and it's always interesting. For some reason I also seem to feel more comfortable around there despite standing out more.

Without a set plan, I just walked everywhere where I found or thought I'll find a photo opportunity.

Some photographers tend to find a good place and wait there for the right photo, I'm not patient enough and always feel that I miss out on other opportunities so prefer to just wander around and find the photo opportunities.

While walking around, I also joined some of the tourist trails to see some of the more important houses and sights.

Since I never know what I will see when walking around and don't do any proper research of what's on, I sometimes arrive at festivals but in this case I arrived at the very end when it finished.

The evening I spent walking around before going to the cheapest bar I could find and getting a few beers for a dollar each so this was good.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading to New York so this was my last evening in Boston.


  1. 365th day post.
    Although now Tuesday.
    Happy birthday!
    Traveling for a year. I doff my my cap to you.
    May not have commented but tuned into each post.

  2. Congratulations!!! 365 days. Wow. Whats your goal? 2 years or 3? ;-)
    I like your journey and go with your pics every morning when I go my RSS-Round drinking my cup of Coffee.
    Nice greetings from Tyrol, Austria :-)

  3. Joining cheering crowds. Great to travel in your steps through your photos, Cristian. Thanks for sharing the experience.


  4. Thanks for your congratulations and for following my travels!

    I didn't even realize it's bee a year already, time passes quick and I was so busy travelling around that I didn't notice.