Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day 343 - Rain in Jinju

When it rains it pours and needless to say that when there is a typhoon it pours quite a lot.

So out of all the nice and sunny days I have now been in Busan and was hanging out in Haeundae, I decide to go to visit Jinju and the old fortress on the worst possible day.

But hey, I figured, how bad can it get and a bit of rain has never held me back from exploring.

Well, it turns out that a lot of rain will still not hold me back, although it gets me and my GR camera all wet, having to buy an umbrella and making sure even my waterproof shoes are completely wet by the end.

Still, despite this it was a fun day out. Jinju is a nice place and the fortress looks pretty cool despite the rain.

I even met some cool people on my way and got invited to have some beer, soju and chicken with them. So despite getting wet, not having much to see and do it was fun and the bus there and back comfortable enough.

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