Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 358 - The City of New Orleans

My train left quite early in the morning from Memphis to New Orleans but it was on time and meant it would get into New Orleans by 15:30.

The route from Memphis to New Orleans offers some interesting views in places, especially the closer you get to New Orleans.

The train arrived earlier than expected in New Orleans so after checking in to my hotel and having a quick lunch, I set out to explore the French Quarter.

When you get to New Orleans you get a different vibe and different feel from other places. Maybe it's the laid back atmosphere or Southern lifestyle but it's actually quite nice.

New Orleans is a nice city and the French Quarter is very cool to just wander around and take in the architecture there.

Bourbon Street is where everything is happening in the evening and where you can see all kinds of people around.
It's a bit like Beale Street in Memphis but feels a bit more authentic and a bit more seedy and rough. It doesn't smell much of Bourbon though and more of what happens when you had too muchbourbon to drink.

For photography the French Quarter is definitely the first choice and Bourbon Street is great for street photography in the evening and at night when everyone is out.

I will have another full day in New Orleans to explore and take more photos tomorrow.

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