Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 356 - Chicago

When you look at some of my photos from the past weeks, it looks like I spent it all at the beach. Well, Chicago has it's own beaches and you are forgiven to think you are by the sea given how big the lake really is.

It was a great day, sunny and warm with a lot of people being outside and there was even an airshow on to keep people entertained.

After my last visit to Chicago, I had some ideas of what I wanted to photograph this time and what to focus on.

Well, with the air show being on, I got sidetracked and kind of took completely different photos from the ones planned.

It was still interesting though and I enjoyed the air show and I think the photos turned out fine anyway despite me not quite getting the shots planned.

I thought of changing my train ticket to leave tomorrow evening instead but the trains then were full.

This still gave me all day in Chicago to take photos so it was good and I enjoyed being back in Chicago and it was good to have a different day than planned.

Leaving Chicago by train, you're presented with a nice view over the skyline as a goodbye present.

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  1. Hey Crisitian - some great photos. Will check out more of your travel blog in the days ahead..

    Take care,