Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day 371 - 10 Hours in Bergen

After a nice flight with Norwegian Airlines, I arrived in Bergen early in the morning.

The first thing you will notice when approaching Bergen is the landscape which looks great. Since I had 10 hours to spare till my onward flight to Edinburgh, I took the bus into town.

Bergen as a town is small and laid back but offers enough to see and do so you could easily spend a few days here without getting bored.

After New York it was a change to go to such a small and quiet city but it was a welcome change and a good way to wind down my trip.

The weather was mixed but this created a nice backdrop for the landscape and architecture in Bergen.

I enjoyed Bergen quite a lot until it was time to get lunch and find out that everything is hugely expensive. Not just expensive compared to the US but most is easy twice the price of London.

I guess there is a price to pay for having a nice and clean city and what looks like good way of life but this is just too much and I was glad I didn't get the idea to stay here for the night or a few days as I would be broke very fast.

Another bad thing and one of my pet peeves whenever travelling around Europe is the insistence of charging people for using the toilet. Maybe it's not the place to have a debate about that but I find that a country can not consider itself civilized if it doesn't offer free public toilets.

Still, I didn't let anything get in my way of enjoying my time here and it was very nice to just wander around and do a bit of hiking to get a better view over the city and the surrounding landscape.

It was great to see Norway and spend some time in Bergen but I was quite happy when I was on the plane to Edinburgh, it's just way too expensive here and definitely the most expensive country I've been in during my travels so far.
Another reason I was happy is that I was looking forward to a few days in Scotland.

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