Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 361 - The Way to Philly

I woke up to a foggy landscape but it made for some interesting views. The train was as suspected still running late but managed to make up a bit of time and thanks to the more developed network here it was only 1h late now instead of 2h.

The fog soon lifted and the sun came out, the landscape here did look very different from what I have seen so far on my Amtrak journey across the US.

After arriving in Philadelphia, I went to leave my bag at the apartment I stayed at and had to get some laundry done. With laundry it's like with cooking paste, no matter if you have only a few things or a whole closet full of stuff, it always takes the same time to get done.

By the time I was done with my laundry and some other things it was already late so I headed downtown to take some photos.

It was not the best day for photography and I ended up not being very happy with most of my photos. There were also not a lot of people ion the streets to take photos of and the architecture at night didn't provide enough without a tripod.

During the course of the evening, I also managed to kill the screen on the NEX-3n completely, it was acting up before but it now just displays a black or distorted image. The camera still works fine but without an image it's not easy to compose or focus using a manual lens.

This means I will have to fix the screen at some point but from now on the GR will be my only camera for the rest of my journey.

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