Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 348 - An Extra Day in Honolulu

Since I didn't plan on being here another day, I thought I take it easy and just chill, walk around a bit without doing much.

It certainly started that way with me sleeping in, taking it easy in the morning and just walking slowly along the beach with a lot of stops to just chill and enjoy the views.

After a bit of a walk, I decided to go to the Diamond Head park to take some more photos.

Once at Diamond Head park, I realized it would only be another 2km to the actual Diamond Head mountain so I figured I might as well go and take some photos from there.

When the day started I had more than enough time but because I was just chilling and wasting time sitting around and doing nothing, by the time I go to the entrance of the Diamond Head mountain, I noticed that I didn't actually have that much time left if I wanted to walk back to he hotel and get to the airport.

Still, I was here and there was no way I would leave without climbing all the way to the top. The average time people needed for the round trip was supposed to be between 1.5-2.5h but I only had 1h to make it here and back.

Well, I did have to walk fast but had enough time to take photos and enjoy the view, then walk back down in only 45 minutes and managed to do the other 5km back to the hotel in less than 1h so even had time for a pint before taking the taxi to the airport.

Needless to say, I was pretty tired but it meant I could sleep in the plane. This time round I actually managed to board the plane and could not volunteer to give up my seat again so it means I will get to Oakland in the morning after a brief stop at LAX.

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  1. Enjoyed the Hawaii series, Cristi. Surprised you didn't take a shot of the memorial to the USS Arizona during your visit to Pearl Harbor. Maybe next time. :-)

    Looking forward to the next installment from the West Coast.