Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 352 - Salt Lake City to Denver

I had to get up early to catch the train but since I had a hunch that it would be running late, I could sleep in a bit longer than expected.

The train journey was again very comfortable and I had two seats with power sockets available for myself so this was cool.

The scenery between Salt Lake City and Denver is one of the best you'll get from a train so it's definitely worth taking the train for this journey.

The train climbs up and down mountains, past rivers and valleys with spectacular views.

All this up and down and going on winding racks also means the train goes extremely slow so you can be sure it will not only arrive late in Salt Lake City but will manage to be even more delayed by the time it finally backs into Denver Union Station.

Again, if you're in a hurry, you will just fly but then would see nothing and have to put up with annoying and unnecessary security checks, uncomfortable seats and have to trek all the way to and from the airports.

Union Station in Denver is one of the nicest station buildings you will find and has been very well restored so it's  cool place just to hang out even if you are not taking the train.

I managed to find a cheap enough motel on the hill overlooking downtown Denver and was treated to a great view of the moon over the city when I walked out of my room to get dinner.

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