Monday, 25 August 2014

Day 366 - Hello New York!

After doing some more photography and enjoying a nice brunch in Boston, it was time to hop on the bus and head to New York.

It was nice to have been back in Boston but New York is the place to be in the US and I've always felt right at home there, so I was really looking forward to getting here.

The bus journey was comfortable but took a while so I only got to New York late in the afternoon. With my bag I didn't want to run around too much and take photos so did a quick walk before taking the subway to Brooklyn to leave my bag at the apartment I was staying at.

I have a love/hate relationship with the New York subway, it's quite cool in a way and you feel like stepping back in time with the crappy trains and even worse stations. It runs all night so this is cool but it takes forever to get to places even when you take the express trains.

Still, while uncomfortable and slow, it provides some good photo opportunities and is always fun to see the different people.

For no specific reason In decided to head to Wall Street and Downtown to take photos in the evening, it was fun and interesting but there were not that many people around there so I did more walking around and took some photos of the skyscrapers around.

It was good to be back in New York and I would have stayed up all night to go around take photos but I was too tired so decided to leave some things for another day.

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