Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day 364 - Boston

It was a nice day in Boston and after having coffee and finding a place I could afford to stay, I went for a walk.


Boston is a very nice city and feels very European in a lot of ways, it also has some very expensive hotels and accommodation, even when compared with New York.

I have been to Boston before so as with other places I could just focus on taking photos in places I wanted to revisit or where I knew it would be interesting.

Not feeling like missing out on anything if I skip the sights is a nice thing and frees up my day to take more photos of people.

The weather being nice and the weekend there were a lot of people out in the parks and the downtown area.

The nice thing with Boston is that it's relatively compact and most things to see are next to each other so you can easily walk everywhere.

It was a nice day in Boston and it's good to be back here for a short stay before heading to New York.

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