Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 362 - People in Philly

After sorting my train ticket for Boston, I headed to Old City Coffee to meet well known local street photographer Michael Penn for coffee at his local hangout.

It's always great to meet other photographers and it was nice to finally meet Michael, I have been following his work for a while so it was nice to have a chat about photography and the Ricoh GR and GRD cameras we both use.

It was very nice to meet up and also see some of the books from his Philadelphia Project. So here a thanks to Michael for meeting up and for the books!

After meeting Michael, I set out do take some photos around Philadelphia and despite taking photos of different things, I ended up with a lot of people photos.

Philadelphia is fairly quiet when compared with New York but here are still a lot of people around and some interesting places to see and visit.

There are a lot of historical places and a lot of these are free to visit so it's a good place to visit for a day when in New York.

The evening I had some cheap beers in Old City before having another chat about photography with the host on airbnb.

I will leave Philadelphia for Washington DC tomorrow morning before heading to Boston with the night train.

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