Saturday, 9 August 2014

Day 350 - The California Zephyr to Salt Lake City

Today, marked the start of my final leg of the round the world trip and it's a journey across the US by train.
I will be taking the Amtrak trains from the west coast to the east coast and stopping off in some bigger cities on the way.

I picked up my 15 day US railpass at the Emeryville station and boarded the California Zephyr train to Salt Lake City.

The train is very comfortable with enough space in the seat and enough legroom to stretch out, you are also most likely to get the seat next to you because the trains is not very full.

The lounge car is also nice and you can enjoy the view out of the big windows and have some snacks from the bar.

The views are fantastic and you can see why taking the train is so much nicer than flying, you have space, are comfortable and enjoy great views.

You just need to be patient and not in a hurry because now already the train seems to be one of the slowest in the world, maybe just before the rains in Myanmar and Thailand.

Still, the comfort level makes up for it and because I'm in no rush it doesn't matter how slow the rain is or if it will get into Salt Lake City later than expected.

So for my first day in the train it was a great experience and a good start to my journey.

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