Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 353 - Denver

The first thing to do after having breakfast was going to Union Station and check for my train ticket to Chicago and see when they had one available.

It was a nice and sunny day but very hot, people were out and enjoying the various parks and made use of any river, fountain and water feature to keep cool.

Getting to Union Station, I found out that the train to Chicago for tonight had no available seats for railpass holders so I decided to just stay another day and leave tomorrow evening instead.

With this, I had to see if I could find a cheaper accommodation or stay at the same hotel, I had no rush though and could just wander around downtown and Market Street to take photos.

I did manage to find a room at half the cost from my hotel so once I had this sorted it was just taking it easy.

Denver is a nice city, it feels quite small but has enough to keep you occupied and if you like beer, there are a lot of nice micro-breweries and bars offering a big selection of beers from all over the place.

There is also some nice architecture around and both old and new buildings in the downtown area.

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