Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 354 - People in Denver

Since I had an extra day in Denver and I already managed to see the main sights on my first visit and also yesterday, I used the day to focus on the people around downtown.

Walking down on 16th Street Mall, you will find all kinds of people but a lot of homeless people hanging out.

It's actually quite fun to walk around 16th Street and the streets around it as you get a variety of people all hanging around, going to restaurants, shops or their office.

This is the area in Denver where everything is happening and where you'll probably see all people living in or passing through Denver at one point or another.

It was fun to just have the time and take photos without the feel that I have to go and see something in particular or have to rush.

It was a nice day in Denver and I do like the city so can recommend it for a visit, if you have a car you can go see a lot more around the mountains but even if you just stay in the city it's nice.

The train was as expected late again but this gave me enough time to have dinner without having to rush.

So far the trains in the US remind me a lot of Thailand, you can be sure that there's always going to be at least a 1h delay.

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