Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 351 - Salt Lake City

After a pretty comfortable night in the train I arrived in Salt Lake City, 3 hours delayed but happy because it meant instead of arriving at around 3 in the morning, it was now 6:30 so a much better time.

It was good that I arrived there a bit later because Salt Lake City doesn't have a station building, just a shack or small container fir the Amtrak service and it's closed. There is also nothing around the station to grab a coffee or anything.

After finding a hotel and dropping my bag off, I set out to explore the city and started off with a flea market not far from the hotel.

Afterwards it was just taking a stroll around downtown, to Temple Square and the Capitol on the hill.

I'm not sure if it was because of the weekend but the city felt pretty dead, no people, not many cars and nothing open.

Temple Square is an interesting and scary place at the same time, it's interesting to see it and it's a actually more than a square full of different buildings to showcase the religion and how big a church can become.
The scary part is all the missionary girls offering tours and trying to convince you that their religion is the best and true one and such stuff. I did have fun asking them some questions nobody who believes in any religion will be able to answer without resorting to just say you have to believe.
Still, it was interesting and worth a visit when you're in Salt Lake City.

The Capitol and the buildings around it on the hill were more interesting and it's cool that you can just wander around, go inside and take photos.
The views are also very nice from there so it's also something you should visit.

With this, I kind of seen everything there is to see and if there would have been another train today, I would have taken this but so I had to wait till 3:30 the next morning for the next California Zephyr to continue my journey.

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