Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day 367 - Different Sides of New York

You never know what you come across when you walk around in New York, even snow in August. In order to come across something new, I decided to go to Brighton Beach and Coney Island today.

I've been to New York a few times before and walked down most streets and avenues in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, been to Brooklyn, Long Island and Staten Island, even to Jersey but never made it to Brighton Beach.

Most times I've been in New York it was winter and cold so this was a reason why I didn't come to Brighton Beach before.

Still, it was time to check it out and being a very nice and sunny day it was perfect to come here.

Getting here, you first notice all the Russians around and how different it feels from the more urban areas of New York.

There area  lot of very interesting people and characters around so it's worth taking your time to walk along the boardwalk to take it all in.

I had a great time there and it was good to finally be here and see a different side of New York. Towards the evening, I decided to head back to Manhattan.

While I don't really like Times Square and the area around it, it makes for some interesting photos thanks to the many weird and strange people you can see around.

As usual in New York I took  a lot of photos and by the end of the evening I filled up my SD card and ran out of batteries for my GR.

I will have some more time in New York for more photos in the coming days.

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