Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 346 - Honolulu Beaches

After spending time around downtown yesterday, it was about the beaches today. I also thought of ging to the op of Diamond Head but was too lazy in the end.

Instead I took a walk along the different beaches and parks along the sea, after all the beaches are the main attraction here for most people.

As I hinted at in my last post, while there were a lot of people it never felt too bad like some other beaches I've seen.

Everything also seemed quite laid back and relaxed so this was nice.

People were enjoying the waves and there were quite a few people surfing but here further out at sea unlike Busan where the waves were higher only more towards the beach.

It was nice to walk around and I was tempted to go for a swim but did't have anywhere to leave my stuff and am not a huge fan of swimming in the sea. Prefer a river or lake.

The sunset was very nice again and I made sure to get a good spot to take some photos.

This was my last full day in Hawaii as I will be flying out to Oakland tomorrow evening.

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